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Who We Are

PGM is one of the reliable suppliers of PGA

When we get to know the story of golf champion Francis Ouimet, we were deeply impressed by his spirit. We believe golf should not be the game for millionaires only, and it should not be necessarily expensive. This game is singular in focus and endless in possibility. That’s the reason for PGM to stay motivated while starting our business.

We strive to bring style and uniqueness to any round of golf, helping golfers to enjoy the game more and play better with superior quality products at affordable prices!

We have an extraordinary collection of golf related products including clubs, bags, apparel, footwear, gloves, greens, swing and putting trainers and more.

As one of the reliable suppliers of PGA, PGM has been companied with many golf players, and witnessed their progress. The feeling of accessibility, quality, and characteristic is something we strive to maintain over the years.

Thank you for trusting us, we will continue investing in your future.